Right along with its “iconic”, structural and artistic appearance, Harran is one of the most valuable and deep-rooted centers of Anatolian civilizations, the “Intersecting Paths” and “Passing Place”.

Having the perception of “integrity”, which is invisible and intangible among all cultures in this universe that exists on its own, this city makes it inevitable for us to be carried away of its attraction, as it is the common ground of the cultural heritage which is born and raised by various civilizations in the history and past. The presence of the first church and mosque in Anatolia and even the world’s first university here conveys the depth of the multi-cultural heritage left for us, the crossroads of history and the past, and the fascinating existence of all those passages. One of the things that makes Harran magical is its connections between astrology as well as mythology, and the birth of ancient beliefs that the intuitive power of man is based on the moon and the night relationship. The diversity it offers to us and the source that emerges multiple human emotions to the alive opens a gate to the endless field that feeds the vision showing a path to the discipline of art and design.

Therefore, Gul Agis creative director of Lug Von Siga who has always been fascinated by the craftsmanship, texture and architecture of Anatolia, for SS 2023 Campaign has chosen this impeccable spot in the southeastern Turkey that supports and nourishes itself in all creative aspects by its roots and spirituality while bringing up the choices of pure, eco-friendly approach and sustainable living . The signature details such as Broderie Anglaises, various embroideries and placement prints are inspired by and fed with inscriptions, sketches, architectural carvings and stories from the region.